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Frequently asked questions...

Q: What are your hours? ​

A: We don't have set hours, but are open 6 days a week by private appointment only. Our calling hours are between 9am-7pm Tuesday through Sunday.

Q: How long do appointments last?

A: We reserve three hours for your private appointment. 

Q: What is the price range of your bridal gowns?

A: Our bridal gowns start around $500, and go up to $3,000. We do have a small selection of gowns under $500, and be sure to check out our dress of the week posts!

Q: How many guests can I bring?

A:  We do not have a guest limit, but the boutique can comfortably fit 8 people. If you would like to bring more than 8 guests please notify us before your appointment.

Q: Do you offer alterations at your shop?

A: We do not offer alterations at the boutique, but do have seamstresses we recommend. Please refer to the alterations tab on the home page for our list.

Q: Do you sell mothers gown or prom dresses?

A: Yes! We are now offering Mother's Dresses and other formal gowns at our new boutique Elle's Occasion. Located in Suite 2 at our current location.

Q: Do you buy used or unused wedding dresses?

A:Unfortunately we do not offer that service at this time.

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